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Pooled Trust Account

A Flexible Estate Planning Alternative

Protect Assistance Program Eligibility

Pooled Trusts are an estate planning tool designed to protect eligibility for public assistance programs for clients with significant long term health and financial needs. When you need to assure a loved one's eligibility for public assistance programs, join a Pooled Trust managed with expertise by caring professionals to meet and manage the beneficiary's needs! 

Anyone can put money into a pooled trust - parents, grandparents, friends, or even the individual with the disability (AKA the beneficiary). However, this type of trust must be established by a non-profit association, like Elder Law of Michigan. As a non-profit we pool, manage, and invest the funds of many beneficiaries simultaneously.

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Give Your Loved Ones Peace of Mind

For many, a Pooled Trust is a sensible option for guardians, conservators, and family members who manage the affairs of a person with a disability because the non-profit controls the disbursements. Similar to a family-type trust, the Pooled Trust is there to pay expenses outside of the basic care provided by government benefits. The Elder Law of Michigan, Inc. Pooled Trust gives trust beneficiaries and their families the peace of mind that comes from knowing their medical coverage and public benefits will be protected, and that the quality of life will be enhanced by using trust assets to meet needs that cannot be covered by existing benefits-funded services. Joining the Elder Law of Michigan Pooled Trust is a modest $500, and is only $90/month.


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